Fascia Cleaning Service

This is what we do for you.

  1. Our first task is to clean out all the debris from the gutters and check all the downpipes for blockages. Our work is all done off ladders by hand, we do not use long poles standing on the ground. Cleaning by hand is the only proper way to get the best results.
  2. Secondly, we wash clean and dry all of the fascias, soffits, barge boards and downpipes. If the fascias are very dirty and stained, we use an anti fungal liquid to help clean and maintain all of your roofline products.
  3. Once cleaned, we have a very SPECIAL OFFER for you. We are willing to clean your fascias and gutters annually for a period of 5 years HALF PRICE.
  4. We also specialize in conservatory roof cleaning. We have a special conservatory roof ladder which fits onto the glazing bars and enables us to clean the whole roof by hand.

You don’t have to sign up to anything. I will ring you annually and if you want the HALF PRICE CLEAN, we come and do it for you.

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