Replacement Soffit Boards

The facts and how to do the job properly.

A & S Home Improvements specialise in full PVCu replacement soffit boards.

The soffit is the horizontal board that you look up at from underneath. We remove the old soffit if possible and fit the maintenance free interlocking soffit boards conforming to British Board of Agreement Standard 83/1185/C to the whole of the property.

In most modern day properties the soffit is made of asbestos, this will not rot and is better left undisturbed for health reasons. In this case the maintenance free interlocking soffit board will be fitted over the asbestos soffit.

This is the only recognised method of installing PVCu soffit boards. Once the installation is complete, you will receive a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE covering every aspect of the materials and installation.

This is also backed up by the 21 YEAR MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY, which covers the soffit boards, that they will not crack or split and will not discolour.

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