Replacement Barge Boards

The facts and how to do the job properly.

A & S Home Improvements specialise in full PVCu replacement barge boards.

The barge boards are the boards fitted on the gable ends of a property. As there is nothing load bearing on the gable ends, it means no requirement for backing boards.

When we take down the existing barge boards, there is a 4×2 rafter running directly behind them. This acts as a good fixing for the new PVCu boards to be fitted.

This is the recognised method of installing PVCu barge boards. Once the installation is complete, you will receive a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE covering every aspect of the materials and installation.

This is also backed up by the 21 YEAR MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY, which covers the barge boards, that they will not crack or split and will not discolour.

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